Lora Server Upgrade LoraServer Version

Dear All,

Currently we have a implementation of Lora Server and Lora App Server quite depricated (0.23.2 and 0.16.1). It is working fine but we are missing some new features and bug corrections in order to have full access to all the possibilities of the newest version of both services.

Is there a tutorial or easy way to upgrade the version to the newest one without missing all the current configurations and implementations?


Pietro Zuchinali

Please refer to the LoRa (App) Server change logs (www.loraserver.io). All the breaking changes and manual steps needed in order to upgrade from version to version are documented. As always, make a backup first so that you can rollback in case of issues :slight_smile: It also allows you to import this backup on a separate machine to dry-run the upgrade.

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