LoRa Server vs lorawan-server

I’m brand new to this IoT / LoRa stuff, but I’m finding that it will be useful in my project. I bought a gateway and I’ve connected my end nodes to some sensors. I’m now looking to get a server-app setup. It was recommended that I check out two options

  1. LoRa Server: https://www.loraserver.io/
  2. lorawan-server: https://github.com/gotthardp/lorawan-server

I can’t help but notice how similar these two projects are and I’m wondering if one is derived from the other? Maybe they’re both derived from the same source?

Can someone share some insight on this? Pros/Cons? I realize I’m asking this on the LoRa Server forum, so there will likely be bias, but I’m just trying to make an informed decision on which path I follow.

This is just my 2 cents.
The doc for lorawan-server says

The server aims to be an all-in-one software package for small private LoRaWAN networks. However:

- You still need to buy your LoRaWAN Gateway.
- You will need to deploy and maintain it yourself. (With my support.)
- It will probably never support the sophisticated management features of the commercial-grade network-servers.

Lorawan-server doesn’t appear to be supported by any community of users (i.e I couldn’t find any user forums). And the last release was done months ago.

There is a learning curve for loraserver.io as well, but you’ll find plenty of help here, not to mention extensive community maintained documentation.