Lora server with influxdb and grafana

Good morning to everybody
maybe you could help me I’m developing a project on the measurement of water consumption in homes for which I’m using as lopy4 devices where one works as nanogateway and the other as a node using the abp activation method, and installed the lora server where I already registered the gateway and the node and they communicate and I have also integrated with influxdb and grafana but my problem is how I can create the tables in influxdv and send the sensor data as an example I am using the LM35 but I would like to send that data to a table that I add it as well as the client’s names and see each one of the client’s data and the value that the sensor measures since in inlfuxdb I automatically create the tables

I do not know if you could help me …

Please see https://forum.loraserver.io/t/lora-app-server-influxdb-integration-with-grafana/1318.