LoRa Stik - RN2903 USB Device

I’ve been working on this device for a while now, this is my fourth iteration or so of the hardware and I’m working on making it available to other people who might find it interesting. I use it primarily for testing LoRaWAN networks with my laptop. It could also be used to turn a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone into a node.

In addition to the hardware I’m working on some custom firmware (will be open) that will provide class C support while replicating the RN2903 factory UART interface.

The device has a couple of user leds that can be accessed via the GPIO pins and toggled over the UART interface.

I will be including several examples (primarily in python) for interacting with the device over serial.

I would love to hear any feedback, feature requests or ideas from the community.

Thanks for sharing! Maybe you could also mention “Compatible with LoRa Server” with a link back to www.loraserver.io? :slight_smile:

Thanks for this device. I’ve procured 2 of them and it works great. Waiting for the European version. Do you know when Lorawan class C will be supported?

I hope you haven’t been waiting too long for the EU version. We had a bit of a shortage in RN2483 units. Microchip has a bout a 3-5 month lead time right now. The good news is I delivered a bunch of them to Crowd Supply on Monday so if yours hasn’t shipped yet, it should soon. They should have some in stock for immediate purchase in the next couple weeks.

Class C support is on my radar, but Microchip doesn’t have firmware for it. They provide some LoRaWAN libraries, but no official builds with the UART command set built in. I plan on adding it myself, but don’t have a timeline for it just yet.

Is it possible to use the LoStik at the gateway and talk to other sensor nodes. I’m just getting started with LoRa, so don’t completely understand the architecture/terminology yet.