Loraserver can not connect with Gateway

I have installed LoRaServer according to instructions in the ‘loraserver.io’.

     The Loraserver work properly.

     But It looks like  the LoRaServer  can not connect with the Gateway.

     I have configured the MQTT user-password and postgresql user-password.

     I have filled the GatewayID \DevEUI\Appkey in the LoraServer .

     I have filled the IP of  Loraserver and upstream/downstream port in the Gateway.

     The Gateway is set to "Packet Forwarder"

     Could you give me some advice in order to let the Loraserver to connect with the Gateway ?

     Are there any commands to debug ?

     if the Gateway forward all the received data from node ? 

    if there are some commands to show all the received data in the loraserver?

Please see https://www.loraserver.io/guides/troubleshooting/