Loraserver downlink / uplink traffic limitations

I create this post in order to be informed about existable (or not) limitations on Loraserver traffic.

If the number of gateways is the solution for whole LoRaWAN system, does Loraserver have restrictions for downlinks/uplinks or number of confirmed packets and dutycycle limit (1%)?

I believe that the duty cycle limit of 1% is imposed by government regulations for the radio spectrum.

But, does in loraserver exist “fair access policy”?
Is any limit on the number of uplink/downlink messages a device can send?

Would be great to know all these issues.


There are no limitations. In my opinion the duty-cycle must be enforced by the gateways, not the network-server (e.g. a gateway might serve multiple network-servers).

In the future it will be possible to limit the number of up / downlink messages per service-profile so that you can setup policies per organization.

After reading this issue https://github.com/Lora-net/packet_forwarder/issues/16
I think than it would be great to have a global discussion about the responsibility of each layer, and if the duty cycle is not managed by the packet forwarder, implementing this counter on the lora-gateway-bridge.

How can i set frequencies for uplink and downlink in LoraWan? where is its place?

@brocaar : Is this still on your roadmap?

This doesn’t have a high priority at the moment for me, but if there is interest in this feature then this could be re-considered :slight_smile:

Please count +1 for the interest.

@brocaar Is there any limit for downlink for the device?

I have a couple of devices, for one device I sent the downlink to enable the GPS, setting the position message limit and heartbeat message limit in the morning and I got the confirmation in form of uplink that my configurations have applied and after that every uplink I got as expected result.

Now I am trying the same procedure for other devices but I am not getting any confirmation for configuration from the devices after sending the downlink

So questions are

  1. Is there any limit for the number of downlinks or the size of the downlink we can send to the device?
  2. Because the configuration is getting applied OTA, is it specific to the time when we can apply the configuration on the device by sending the downlink?

Sorry for few basic questions but I am really struggling to understand this

Duty Cycles apply to both uplink and downlink, it is the time that the device is broadcasting (sending or receiving) GPS devices can come very close to Duty Cycle limits depending on the resolution (accuracy) that the device is configured to report as well as the reporting interval…

Thanks @jjanderson

How do I know that my other devices are violating the duty cycle regulation?


This will depend on your SF, payload size, etc. The easiest way to be sure is to ensure that you are using certified devices… otherwise, more on the subject here… LoRa — LoRa documentation although this can be mind numbing… so instead, just make sure you use reputable devices, and revert to the supplier for duty cycle validation calrifying SF as well as whichever country you are in and therefore which Duty Cycles apply

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thanks a lot, @jjanderson for this clarification.