Loraserver.io support class c?

Hi all, I want to control street lights instantly so nodes must be class c because need to send current light data

I just saw ttn doesn’t support class c

I also control lights via raw Arduino Lora repo

So loraserver supports class c and always listen ?


Yes, It does. You Just need to configure this on Devices profiles.

Yes I saw it before

Have you ever worked with class c?

Yes, i’m currently working with class C nodes using the stable release of this loraserver. Works fine!

im using arduino lmic, but it doesnt support class c i guess what are you using for node?

and i see Class-C confirmed downlink timeout what is it for?

class -c is anytime send and recieve right?

The node I’m using was built on demand for my client, for this reason, I cannot share too many details about it, but search for MCUs whose providers has LoRaWAN libraries available for use. There is some in the market.

I think that this timeout is referring about the time that a node waits to receive an ack packet. This information is available on LoraWAN specifications and it is different for each region.

The main characteristic of a class C node is the receive window always opened except when is transmitting something.

im using lmic, arduino for node but it only supports class-A

if you got any arduino package please share