LoRaServer NS ad AS DB design

I had previously installed LoRaserve on an Ubuntu Machine and had registered a lot of devices.
Then I had to install it on different machine so I used pg_dump tool to replicate all contents on previous machine so that I wouldn’t need to register everything (service profile, Device profile, Network Server all over again…).
It successfully replicated all the registered devices and network servers and device and service profiles on new machine except just the activation keys.
So in new machine’s DB I could see AppSKey in “device_activation” table in “loraserver_as” database, but couldn’t find NwkSKey in “device_activation” table in “loraserver_ns” database.
Is there any other way or improvement in this way by which I can simply replicate whole details on first machine on second machine…
Thank You.

See https://forum.loraserver.io/t/redis-postgresql-question/4779 (hint: Redis stores your missing keys, you need to set Redis’ persistence).

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