Loraserver postgresql database error

hii during the loraserver build process im stuck with the postgresql database…i got the following…

WARN[0000] storage:ping postgreSQL database error,will retry in 2s error=“pq: password authentication failed for user “root””

its repeating …
what did i miss


Hi Benix_Pearlin,
it seems that the database password does not match the password in the .toml file.


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how to change it…

See here under “Installing LoRa Server”.

BR / DeHi

i changed but its not working

After changing the .toml file, did you restart your service?
See this under “Starting LoRa Server”.

And the same holds for the LoRa App Server.

BR / DeHi

Hi, I know this is far from the past but how do you see/know what the password is in the .toml file?

Thank you