LoraServer with Murata ABZ module

Has anyone tried using the Murata ABZ module with LoraServer? Using the -093 version of the module with the AT modem code I cannot get OTAA join to work. The gateway sees the join packet and sends out a join accept message but the device status in LoraServer remain n/a. I’m guessing the end device never receives the join accept packet? Thanks in advance.

There’s substantial use of the module with LMiC derived firmware, did not realize it even had an AT command firmware as an option.

Your type of problem is all but impossible to debug without getting debug output from the node’s perspective - you need to determine if it is receiving in the right way at the right time, if it sees the join accept, if it is able to use it, etc…

Turned out this was a problem with the RAK831 config in lora-gateway-os:

The murata ABZ module with modem firmware and OTAA works fine with loraserver