Lorasever raspberry generator questions

Dear all,

I’ve been playing with the loraserver generator for the Raspberry… and I have questions.

  1. The first time I start the image, if the raspberry is connected to the network, loraserver and the other services are loaded correctly. If instead at the first boot the raspberry is not connected to the network, it permanently fails. I mean… all the next reboot the services don’t start properly. I can replicate this funky behavior. Can anyone explain this?

  2. let’s assume I have a working loraserver. If I run an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, the services stop working (lora packages get updated). The configuration brakes. I can replicate the behavior.
    Do anybody of you experience the same?

  3. If I change the pi user password, the services stop working. I can replicate also this one. Do you have any feedback?



I don’t, but I’m working on some improvements for Raspberry Pi images :slight_smile: (not available yet on GitHub, but will be pushed when ready).