Lorawan band/channel not mentioned by Lora Alliance

Hi, I see no band/channels assigned in Ghana, West Africa for Lorawan protocol. Does it mean Lorawan protocol can not be used in this country ?

Generic answer as others might have the same question for different countries:

Please refer to the latest LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification. It does contain a table which maps countries to a channel-plan. Please note that a channel-plan is not per-country. In other words, there could be multiple countries using the same channel-plan. For some countries you can use multiple channel-plans.


In your case, Ghana is undefined. I believe this could mean a few things, but please contact the LoRa Alliance for a better answer:

  • Non of the current channel-plans meet the requirements that Ghana has defined
  • There is no or not enough information about the requirement in Ghana, thus the LoRa Alliance can’t officially recommend a channel-plan
  • Defining the channel-plan for Ghana is still work in progress

Again, it might be better to contact the LoRa Alliance with this question :slight_smile: (and please share their feedback here on the forum).