Lorawan can't connect to chirpstack

I finish these settings but still can’t success

I’m stuck with the exact same problem. Everything will connect fine to TTN however not with Chirpstack.

Can you share some more information about your setup. What gateway and device are you using? Is the gateway-bridge / MQTT Forwarder set up on your Gateway or on the server?

The best way to debug these things is to follow the link from device → gateway → gateway bridge → MQTT Broker → Chirpstack.

So check your logs and answer the following: is the gateway receiving the message from the device? Is the gateway bridge forwarding that message to the MQTT Broker? is the MQTT Broker receiving the message?

Theres not much anyone can do to help with only the pictures you uploaded. When you find where the message from your device is getting lost in the chain see if there are any errors showing why.

i use docker to open chirpstack and wanna connet to wisgate(rak7268)
and the gateway can’t receive the message from the device

What device are you using, are you sure it is configured to use channels 0-7? I’ve had issues before where devices default to US915_1 (channels 8-15) as thats what TTN uses.

The logs you showed, is that from the gateway bridge or the gateway itself? It looks like they’re the gateways logs but it’s trying and failing to connect to the (local?) MQTT broker every 3 seconds, that would make me think something wrong with your gateways configuration.

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