Lorawan - chirpstack setup not working

Hi everyone,
i am using kerlink istation868 gateway along with abeeway smart badges and using chirpstack to implement loranetwork.

I have installed the chirpstack application server,and network server on a separate ubuntu server and they are up and running
i installed and activated gateway bridge and packet forarded on the gateway it self.
using the command: tcpdump -AUq -i lo prt 1700 i can see traffic going to the localhost 1700
however when i run the command tail -f -n 50 /var/log/lora.log
i see “crc invalid” errors and “heartbeat timeout” errors which causes uplink and downlink timeout as well.
in the lorad, i have set EU686_FR.json and i am in KSA.
i have set localhost with 1700 port for upink and downlink in lorafwd gateway host
and mqtt to be the ip on the ln and port 1883

Please help…