LoRaWAN Frame "Context" Attribute

I was looking at a LoRaWAN Frame in the “LORAWAN FRAMES” tab for a device and noticed an attributed called “context” under the rxInfo[0] object. Is there any documentation that describes what this is? I could not find any on the loraserver event-logging page or pages it links to

At the consumer side, this is just a binary blob. It could mean different things depending the used Packet Forwarder (e.g. the Semtech UDP packet-forwarder vs Semtech Basic Station). In general it contains the information that a gateway needs to respond to an uplink (e.g. timing information).

Is that different than the previous versions? I thought there was a separate timestamp attribute along with an “send_immedietely” attribute as well.

The context field has been added to support the Basic Station packet-forwarder (so when using the Basic Station backend, the context field will also contain some Basic Station specific meta-data).