"LoraWAN Frames" and "Device Data" tabs showing "Not connected to Websocket API" in Devices BUT it displays fine in Gateway "LIVE LoRaWAN Frames" tab


I’m puzzled to see that frames are displayed fine on the “LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES” tab in the gateway, but, in the devices, I get the error “Not connected to Websocket API” in the tabs “Device Data” and “LoRaWAN Frames”; the error message quickly shows up and then disappears; hard to capture in the screenshots below.

I’ve been reading some posts and suggestions are to make sure to be using redis 5.0 (I’m using the docker image “redis:5-alpine”). The other suggestion is to check my HAproxy configuration. Aside from these fix suggestions, why would it work for the gateway frames and not the device frames? It looks to me that the 2 issues (redis and proxy) would affect all frames display

I’ve tested with chrome, Internet explorer and firefox

Note: I’m not seeing any received data in the devices yet, that’s why I was trying to look at possible errors in “Device Data” tab.

Looks like it can connect to the api website, but then it just disconnects without showing anything:

These are the frames from the gateway. They look fine:

Any help is much appreciated!


Newbie here! :blush: The device hadn’t joined the network yet! It’s working now!

Hello @apad22 which method you use for the installation chirpstack?
i am using docker here, and have problem just like you:


I used docker for Chirpstack install as well. But the issue why I was not seeing device data was because the sensor hadn’t started sending data to chirpstack. Check the communication and make sure the sensor has requested to join the network