LoraWAN frames doesnt show in devices AFTER REBOOT

Hello guys!
I am using TinkerBoard 3s + RAK2245.
I have the problem with a recognizing packets by chirpstack app server after reboot.
In the tab “Gateway” I always see Unconfirmed\ConfirmedDataUP packets from the devices, which was activate early (Before reboot), and before reboot also this packets was shown in device tab “DeviceData” and “LoraWAN FRAMES”.
After reboot this devices are not activated, and also they didn’t sent JoinRequest. Devices ‘think’ that they are still connected, but chirpstack not.
Help me with that problem guys, pls.
If you have questions I can ask you. Thanks!

Please check your Redis setup. It sounds like that data is not periodically written to disk and therefore you have lost your data (device activations) after the reboot.

See also: Redis Persistence – Redis

Thank you for your responce!
Which type of persistance should i use for chirpstack?
It will be great if you show me reference config file :slight_smile:
Have a good day!