LoraWAN frames doesnt show in devices AFTER REBOOT

Hello guys!
I am using TinkerBoard 3s + RAK2245.
I have the problem with a recognizing packets by chirpstack app server after reboot.
In the tab “Gateway” I always see Unconfirmed\ConfirmedDataUP packets from the devices, which was activate early (Before reboot), and before reboot also this packets was shown in device tab “DeviceData” and “LoraWAN FRAMES”.
After reboot this devices are not activated, and also they didn’t sent JoinRequest. Devices ‘think’ that they are still connected, but chirpstack not.
Help me with that problem guys, pls.
If you have questions I can ask you. Thanks!

Please check your Redis setup. It sounds like that data is not periodically written to disk and therefore you have lost your data (device activations) after the reboot.

See also: Redis Persistence – Redis

Thank you for your responce!
Which type of persistance should i use for chirpstack?
It will be great if you show me reference config file :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

The type of persistence does not matter, what matters is that data IS persisted :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but it doesn’t help… sometimes after reboot (long reboot - more than 5-10 minutes) chirpstack is not recieving packets.
In this case helps only end-device reboot.
I think it’s because activation device address has been changed on end-device while gateway is rebooting, and after reboot in chirpstack still old address and it doesn’t recognize as ‘that device’

here is the error from log, may be it’s related to this:
chirpstack-network-server level=error msg=“uplink: processing uplink frame error” ctx_id="…" error: object does not exist

I have updated today and now I also don’t see any data in application any more (only the message “Not connected to Websocket API” shows up).

This includes the tabs “DEVICE DATA” as well as the “LORAWAN FRAMES” in /applications/…/devices.
This is also the case for tab “LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES” in the /gateways/<the_gateway_id>

The data is so far processed normally but I’m unable to see anything the ChirpStack application Server GUI any more. Even for a new gateway I just created it’s not working.

I’ve checked the last updates installed (apt history)…from older to latest and the last days

  • 2021-09-17
    1. ChirpStack Application Server: v3.14.0 → v3.17.0
    1. ChirpStack Network Server: v3.12.3 → v3.15.0
    1. ChirpStack Gateway Bridge: v3.10.0 → v3.13.1
  • 2021-10-08
    1. ChirpStack Application Server: v3.17.0 → v3.17.2
    1. ChirpStack Network Server: v3.15.0 → v3.15.1
    1. ChirpStack Gateway Bridge: untouched
  • 2022-01-18
    1. ChirpStack Application Server: v3.17.2 → v3.17.4
    1. ChirpStack Network Server: v3.15.1 → v3.15.5
    1. ChirpStack Gateway Bridge: v3.13.1 → v3.13.2

Redis 5.0.7 is currently installed as the system is based on Ubuntu 20.04.x LTS (ChirpStack initial install was in April 2021):

redis-server -v
Redis server v=5.0.7 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-5.2.1 bits=64 build=636cde3b5c7a3923

So far I’m a little bit lost. Redis writes data to a file.

I’m about to try to downgrade the ChirpStack Network Server back to 3.15.1.

In the ChirpStack Network Server log there are several error messages of this kind but I this might not be the actual issue (could be actually unknown devices where the data is ignored - most of the device data looks good and also shows up decoded in PostgreSQL):

level=info  msg="gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received" gateway_id=0e3748xxxxxxxxxxxx uplink_id=db4b4b30-10e9-4137-a9ee-4f0f56857a6e
level=info  msg="uplink: frame(s) collected" ctx_id=fb330428-56c3-488d-91cc-6e922051a2d2 mtype=UnconfirmedDataUp uplink_ids="[db4b4b30-10e9-4137-a9ee-4f0f56857a6e]"
level=error msg="uplink: processing uplink frame error" ctx_id=fb330428-56c3-488d-91cc-6e922051a2d2 error="get device-session error: object does not exist"

Hi, Redis is the cause of this problem.
First of all check that: $> reddis-cli, type PING, he must answer PONG it means that Redis is started.
In my case redis was stopped. Check reddis log, it may didn’t start because “append only” setting (append file was broken). This command will helps: redis-check-aof --fix

Druidlance, thanks for the reply.

Redis is running perfectly that’s the problem and ChirpStack still doesn’t show the live frames nor incoming packages. There is also no firewall setting which could cause trouble.

EDIT - SOLVED - Found the issue!
The MS Edge Browser (Chromium) has some issues at the moment. I might have to restart (a new TAB didn’t solve the issue). There is also no Adblocker involved here.
I just switched to Firefox and everything is perfect.

Nice to hear that your problem is resolved :slight_smile:

Me too…very annoying.