Lorawan gateway certificated by Japan Telecom

Anyone know which brand/model of LoRaWAN gateway passed Japan telecom/wave certification? with LBT and AS923-1-JP Channel plan? (920.6- 923.4Mhz)

I believe only MultiTech do as you need listen before talk.
Not sure they have an access point for Japan.
The other thing I remember if your using cellular backhaul then you have to choose the telco as the GW has to be operator approved I believe @Jason_Reiss could help in this regard.

See MTCDT-LDC3-246A-923-JP

I want to buy two 8-channel gateways covering 920.6-923.4Mhz respectively. For example, in addition to covering the main channels 923.2 and 923.4Mhz, the first gateway will also cover 920.6~921.6Mhz, and the other gateway will try to cover the remaining 921.8~ 923.0Mhz, can MTCDT-LDC3-246A-923-JP customize the frequency band setting in this way while supporting LBT? Thanks! @Jason_Reiss

You can even buy 16 or 64-channel gateway.