LoRaWAN ns-3 module - GetSpreadingFactor()

Greeting! I am new to LoRa and LoRaWan so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed already.
I am using LoRaWAN ns-3 module for simulating a network . (https://github.com/signetlabdei/lorawan)

Is anyone using or has used this module to simulate network?

I am getting no return value to some functions such as GetSpreadingFactor().

Thanks and Regards
Prajakta Lokhande

Hi Prapi,

unfortunately, I can not help you. Related to my topic, I am interested in your topic and your used simulator, too.

Can you tell us a few details of your code as you try to get the value of SF?

Best regards

Hello DeHi,

Thanks for your reply.

Please is my code please refer it.

Ptr edMac1 = endDevices.Get (0)->GetDevice(0)->GetObject ()->GetMac ();
Ptr edLoraMac1 = edMac1->GetObject ();
LoraDeviceAddress Address = edLoraMac1->GetDeviceAddress();
NS_LOG_INFO ("GetDeviceAddress: " << Address);
edStatus->SetFirstReceiveWindowSpreadingFactor (9);
NS_LOG_INFO ("GetFirstReceiveWindowSpreadingFactor: " << edMac1->GetFirstReceiveWindowSpreadingFactor());
edStatus->SetSecondReceiveWindowOffset (11);
NS_LOG_INFO ("GetSecondReceiveWindowSpreadingFactor: " << edMac1->GetSecondReceiveWindowOffser());

Thanks and Regards