LoRaWAN packet loss

Hi, I have setup a device in India and Singapore. (Using AS923 in india as well just for testing purposes). The device in Singapore is uploading data with 0 packet loss. However, the one in India is sending data intermittently (validated on fcount). What are the possible ways to debug this issue? I understand that the payload size might also be too huge and am working on reducing it. Can there be any other reason?

This is the example data from the device: “Data: 0100000000020000000003000000000400000000050000000006000000000700000000080000000009000000000a000000000b000000000c000000000d000000000e000000000f0000000010000000001100000000120000000013000000001400000000150000000016e803000017e803000018e803000019e80300001a000000001b000000001c000000001d000000001e000000001f0000000020000000002100000000220000000023000000002400000000250000000026000000002700000000280000000029000000002a000000002b000000002c00000000”

You haven’t provided much information on your setup, so some general suggestions:

Check the logs at the ChirpStack, gateway packet forwarder, and device (if possible) levels. Check your RSSI, SNR, etc. Check the data rate your devices are running at. Watch the live logs and LoRaWAN frames in the web UI while triggering device payloads.

Yes, that is quite large. Tough to say more without knowing your use case, but all those repeated 0x00s raise an eyebrow.

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