LoRaWAN Passive ROaming

Hello All,

I installed Chirpstack on an Ubuntu server.

Trying playing with Passive Roaming API, i got this strange Error, don’t know how to handle it.

{“ProtocolVersion”:“1.0”,“SenderID”:“000000”,“ReceiverID”:“000001”,“TransactionID”:21,“MessageType”:“PRStartAns”,“VSExtension”:{},“Result”:{“ResultCode”:“Other”,“Description”:"unmarshal json error: encoding/hex: invalid byte: U+0078 ‘x’"}}

JSon Message:


Which version are you using?

Hello @brocaar I am using version 3.15.3

I had no idea what passive roaming was nor its benefits.

Ideas for your problem:

  • Are you passing any hex values to chirpstack that start with prefix “0x”? (U+0078 is a lower case ‘x’)
  • Could it be a browser character set issue?

Good luck.

Yes we are transmiting this king of values as you can see:

I updated the LNS to the last version and will do some other tests.
Roaming is the ability for 2 operators to establish an agreement to allow devices from operator B to uplink messages via LNS operator A that will foward to LNS operator B.

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No more issue since i updated the platform to the last version.

Thanks @fmgst & @brocaar

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