Lorix One - Lorix OS 1.5.0

Hello everyone,
i updated the os of a Lorix One gateway from Lorix OS 1.3.4 to 1.5.0. After the update i tried to add filters to Chirpstack Bridge but the bridge fail to start with the following error:
level=fatal msg=“error loading config file” config="&[/etc/opt/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/10-general.toml /etc/opt/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/20-backend_semtech-udp.toml /etc/opt/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/30-integration.toml /etc/opt/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/40-filters.toml]" error=“While parsing config: (30, 2): duplicated tables”
Also ssh connection to gateway stop working.
Any idea about this prolem?
Thank you in advance

It might be better to ask the Lorix team directly with this specific issue.

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Hi, Lorix has made Chirpstack Gw Bridge config files separate since lorix OS v 1.4.0 - check their documentation, it should be described there.
I would guess you now have original filters in one file (40-filters.toml]) and your filters in other file (30-integration.toml, edited with GUI), hence the “duplicate tables” error message.

thanks for your answers. I also asked Wifix for my for my problem and the answer that i received was:
"There has been a change in 1.4 regarding the Bridge configuration file. I’ve completed the documentation, please take a look at : https://iot.wifx.net/docs/lorix-os/latest/lorix-one/user-s-guide/lorawan/packet-forwarders/chirpstack-gateway-bridge#id-..ChirpStackGatewayBridgev1.0v1.5-Bridgeconfiguration. The other files will be available for editing within a few weeks.
-Also ssh connection to gateway stop working

There is no reason why this should happen. If you have direct http access, you should have SSH access too. However, if you try to many connection (4) within a minute, you will be locked out for a minute (brute force protection)."

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By the way, Lorix OS v1.5.1 is out and all parts of config are now available in GUI, so it should be quite clear what goes where now. I had no issuses with SSH connection (using default self-signed certificate).