LORIX One with Gateway OS doesn't boot


I just bought a LORIX One Gateway (512 MB Version) and try to use the Gateway OS on it.

Should be an easy job: Download the image for the 512MB Version (Base). Put it on a SD card and boot LORIX One with inserted SD card.
But the LORIX One doesn’t boot up. No light is blinking and the network connection don’t come up. When I remove the SD card everything is fine and it is booting.

I tried another SD image (Yocto form the LORIX One website). With this it is booting. SD card seems to be ok.

Have anyone else have tried using the Gateway OS on the LORIX One?

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Hello Tobinger,

I experienced the same problem, then I used the 256MB version of the Gateway OS image instead, and the device managed to boot just fine.

I hope this helps.

Hi mompolokipule,

thank you for the reply. Now it boots up. :grinning:
But why there are two version (256MB and 512MB) when the 256MB software works on both hardware versions? And why the 512MB software version doesn’t work as expected?

Hey Tobinger,

I’m not sure why that is the case. It may be that the versions have been switched by mistake, but that is something @brocaar would have to check and confirm.

I had the same problem. Thanks @mompolokipule for the solution.

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I have a 512MB LORIX One gateway and will look into it :slight_smile:


I have found the issue. Two u-boot boot environments were missing which were required when Mender was added. This was fixed for the 256MB version, but I forgot to apply the same patch for the 512MB version. Luckily I now have a 512MB gateway to test with :slight_smile:

I’m planning to do a new release in the coming week.

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