LORIX Wifx L1 ChirpStack Gateway Bridge won't start anymore


Suddenly the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge (concentratord) Version 3.14.8 on a LORIX Wifx L1 doesn’t want to start anymore and I get this error:

thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘Error parsing config file: Error { inner: ErrorInner { kind: Custom, line: Some(55), col: 15, at: Some(1209), message: “invalid type: floating point 5, expected i16”, key: [“gateway”, “location”, “altitude”] }}’, chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302/src/config/mod.rs:162:62

But I didn’t change anything on the configuration.

Kind regards

Hello, please install the lastest firmware v1.6.3.

There is a bug setting the altitude in the gateway, it is saved as a float which is not supported by the forwarder.

I got the following workaround from Wifx support before the 1.6.3 was released.

Manually edit the altitude:

sudo nano /etc/opt/chirpstack-concentratord/11-location.toml

Or delete the altitude:

sudo sed -i -E “s/\s*altitude=/ #altitude=/g” /etc/opt/chirpstack-concentratord/11-location.toml

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I tried to manually upload the v1.6.3 but it always says “The artifact was not uploaded”.
On the tab official it says that v1.6.2 is the official and newest release.