[LorixONE] LoRa Gateway OS in NAND


has anyone flashed the LoRa Gateway OS into the NAND Partition?


Currently this is not (yet) supported. It is not possible to simply flash the sdcard image into the NAND flash.

I have some solid experience flashing and customizing Lorix gateways and I’m working with Yannick from Lorix and I already ported other LoRa Server on Lorix and today I would like to add chirpstack

I really would like to have chirpstack running on flash and I have 2 options :

  • Copy the needed file from your SD distribution to the flash (but need some time to know exactly what files I will need, what configuration to use (postgres, redis, …) if it will fit and maybe change database location to SD to avoid flash size and write. Like that all OS and files would be on flash and use SD only for database. Just and idea.
  • As you got SD I imagine you have a build environnement for the image. So with original build access I could generate NAND image if you mind share information. Of course all will be open source.

I can spend some time on it, so let me know, and if you have better idea, just let me know.


That would be great! :slight_smile: I think your first approach would be best (all components on NAND and writing data to SD Card). I would write the PostgreSQL and Redis data to the SD Card.

This repo contains all the ChirpStack recipes + a “firstbootinit” script which initializes the PostgreSQL database on first boot: https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-gateway-os.

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As soon has I got more time I’ll check on Redis and Postgres on how to relocate default database path, should be straightforward.

This might be helpful:

An other approach is creating a symlink.