Low cost gateway with LBT feature enabled

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Listen-Before-Talk is mandatory requirement in some countries, but there are no topic raised for LBT.
I could not yet find any suitable gateway with LBT for a private LoRaWAN network.
Does someone have any good solution or suggestion?

2.8. loragw_lbt

This module contains functions to configure and use the “Listen-Before-Talk” feature (refered as LBT below). It depends on the loragw_fpga and loragw_radio modules.

LBT feature is only available on SX1301AP2 reference design, which provides the FPGA and the SX127x radio required to accomplish the feature.



I think Multitech have this functionality



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Multitech conduit have LBT only in 915. They told me that probably they will implement 868 in the near future. They seems to be using a different FPGA version and the .hex in the lorawan git cannot be used.

But they are pretty expensive.

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Thanks for having your time on this topic.

Most of commercial gateways with LBT are too expensive to have a private network.


I found that mPCIe OEM card version will have LBT support but they are planning to release this in July.


Tektelic, it seems that they are also going to release LBT support of Micro GW running on FreeRTOS, no Pico GW.

Still looking for …

matchx matchbox is cheap and uses lbt.