LPS8-V2 wont connect


I install chirpstack V4 on ubuntu 22.04. After some test with the LPS8-V2 gateway from dragino, everything work fine. But now the gateway wont connect to the server for the past 24 hours after upgrade some dependencies (postsql, Chirpstack-Gate-Bridge, etc).

First, I thought it was due to my host’s firewall blocking UTP 1700.

But i don’t think so :

  • I can ping UTP 1700 with an another server.
  • With tcpdump on UTP 1700 i’ve my gateway json stat every 30s

So, I tried to re-install chirpstack, but the gateway still wont connect.

With journactl, i’ve “Backend interfaces API is disabled”. I saw on the forum it can come from MQTT config. So now i don’t understand because i use the same config as my first install.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in avance,

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Did you try to check the state of all components of the stack?

sudo systemctl status ChirpStackGatewayBridge
sudo systemctl status ChirpStackNetworkServer
sudo systemctl status ChirpStackApplicationServer
sudo systemctl status Mosquitto

Are they all in the active state?

Yes, there are all active.

In fact due to the upgrade of gateway-bridge, the new file dont have “eu868/” before gateway. For the next upgrade i will save the gateway-bridge file.

I close this topic.

Thank you :slight_smile: