LR-FHSS in Network server

Could anyone explain how LR-FHSS works in a Chirpstack server. What is the difference when it is enabled?
Is there anywhere to read more or does anyone have experience having tried it?

LR-FHSS is an alternative modulation to LoRa. Please note, both the device and gateway must be LR-FHSS capable. You need a v2 reference design gateway with FPGA and it must be configured (and updated) to support LR-FHSS.

Once ChirpStack receives a LR-FHSS modulated uplink, it will handle it for you. If you know that your devices and gateways support LR-FHSS you can decide to use a LR-FHSS ADR algorithm, either to select the best data-rate (which could be LoRa or LR-FHSS), or to force the device to always use LR-FHSS.

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Hi Orne,
Apologize for bringing back to life an old post.

Have you ever seen a Gateway that supports LR-FHSS?

Thank you for your support.

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It seems LR-FHSS requires MCU from TI.
So far, I have not seen any commercial LR-FHSS gateways and nodes.

I am keen to know about them too.