Make a Lorawan Gateway with TTGO ESP32 SX1276


I’ve this two boards : TTGO ESP32 SX1276

I test the P2P communication with this two boards and it works well but I read that the max range is about 1km
I want to pass at the next level and create a LoraWan gateway.

I’ve install on a Raspberry with docker the Chirpstack stack (Gateway Bridge, Network Server, App Server, Redis and Postgres) and I can access to the app server Interface and add the Network server.

The final question is :
Can I make a LoraWan Gateway with one of the TTGO ESP32 SX1276 module (because I’ve just this one for now) for testing the communication with the chirpstack Gateway bridge ?
I’ve some difficulties to find a article about this. I can see some articles with 1 channel gateway…

The different 8 channel concentrator board are expensive and I want to validate I can make my own gateway before buying.
If it’s not possible have you a advice for buy a non expensive gateway ?

My differents final use case are with
p2p : mailbox communication (>40m)
Gateway : Test communication between two house (about 15km)


Mikrotik LORA

to achieve this distances, You need GW and antenna placement near 80m ground surface above.

Ok I think I was too optimistic :wink:
We can stay on the first use case for now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the brand, I’ll will check the raspberry hat too like this one :

For interested people,
I succeed to make a 1 channel Gateway with a TTGO ESP32 SX1276 module.

I’ve mixed differents links with the same reference.

Links :


I take the last version (6) for platformio and this code build.
I can see some logs in Chirpstack Gateway Bridge and in the Network server

Next steps :

  • Create a module with the second TTGO ESP32 SX1276 with help on the first link
  • Use wiring for connecting physical gateway to the RPI (with the gateway bridge in a docker container): If anybody can help me about this subject ?