"Make import-lorawan-devices" fails with error "http: invalid Host header"


I recently remade my ChirpStack server using Docker so I can run Traefik to secure the web interface. Everything is working as expected, except when I attempt to import the LoRaWAN Device Repository using the command “Make import-lorawan-devices” and the default Makefile in the ChirpStack Docker setup it fails with the error “http: invalid Host header”. I had no issue using the Ubuntu commands to retrieve the device repository on my previous setup so I don’t believe it is an issue with my network.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there another way to import the repository for Docker?

Output of logs:

local@lorawan-ns:~/chirpstack-docker$ sudo make import-lorawan-devices
[sudo] password for local:
docker-compose run --rm --user root chirpstack -c ‘\
apk add --no-cache git && \
git clone GitHub - brocaar/lorawan-devices: Device Repository for LoRaWAN devices /tmp/lorawan-devices && \
chirpstack -c /etc/chirpstack import-legacy-lorawan-devices-repository -d /tmp/lorawan-devices’
[+] Running 3/0
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-mosquitto-1 Created 0.0s
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-redis-1 Created 0.0s
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-postgres-1 Created 0.0s
[+] Running 3/3
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-mosquitto-1 Started 0.8s
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-postgres-1 Started 0.7s
:heavy_check_mark: Container chirpstack-docker-redis-1 Started 0.7s
http: invalid Host header
make: *** [Makefile:2: import-lorawan-devices] Error 1

Thanks in advance

Fixed with:

sudo snap refresh docker --channel=latest/edge

Possibly a bug in docker