Making my own lora server on Fiware


I would like to ask you a question about LoRa in general.

I am trying to make a LoRa server on fiware platform as subject for my thesis.

On fiware there is a service called IDAS.It’s an Internet of Things Agent, a component that lets groups of devices send their data to and be managed from a FIWARE NGSI Context Broker using their own native protocols. There is a project which provides the IoT Agent for the Lightweight M2M protocol, i.e. the bridge between OMA Lightweight M2M enabled devices and a NGSI Context Broker.

I have a Gateway that converts Lora to UDP packets but IDAS uses COAP protocol.

I know that COAP runs over UDP.

My question is,should i configure my gateway to send COAP or the service will accept the UDP packets of my gateway??

I would appreciate your help because i know that you may be familiar with all these protocols and their compatibilities.

I will be available for whichever explanation you would want.