Many of device meaning many device profiles?

Please i need your help!
I have connected two devices to my Chirpstack. They in the same application and they have the same device profile (class A),But now when i start to write the code in ECODEC i ask if i need a device profile for each device since their functioning is not the same ? The solutions please?

Thank you!

you need one dev profile for numerous identical devices, next other dev profile for numerous of other endnode types if their parameters or payload structore are different in case of custom js codec usage in the chirpstack app server. etc. if endnoes are identical you need only one dev profile for all.

Okay, thanks for your feedback. So if I understood correctly since my devices have a different payload and a different frame behavior I have to create a device profile for each. I have a small question: how can the chirpstack distinguish which code is on the first device and which is on the second? Do I have to add something special in the code? Since they are in the same application?
And for the endnos you speak well on the last 8 characters of ID?

Thank you

just start to adding endnodes to the application and you will see.