MatchX gateway instructions

I’ve added instructions how to get started with the LoRa Gateway Bridge in combination with the MatchX gateway:

If somebody managed to get the LoRa Gateway Bridge running on the MatchX gateway (MIPS architecture), please share your steps :slight_smile:

Hi Brocaar,

How is your experience with this gateway? Is it reliable? Ready for production?


So far it works well! It is easy to setup and it works out of the box with the MatchX hosted platform. The nice thing is that it is also capable of doing spectral scanning and has onboard GPS.

However, you have to know that by default it is connected using VPN to the MatchX backend, so they have always access to your gateway. Configuration changes (packet-forwarder config) are pushed by their backend to the gateway. You can re-configure the gateway to your own needs, but you need to ask their support for the root password.

Also I haven’t found any instructions yet on how to re-flash the firmware by hand (probably you can do this by following Lede / OpenWRT instructions). Having it connected by VPN to their backend might not be for everybody. I might be that a stock Lede / OpenWRT image will work, but maybe you have to add some drivers to it? I don’t know and I haven’t tried it yet.

So I think it depends how you’re planning to use the gateway if it could be something for you or not.

Hello @brocaar

I am looking to order a MatchX gateway, as i can’t find (immediate) stock of Laird or Multitech Gateway.

Could you please inform me about possibly VPN connected problem, which you mentioned

Having it connected by VPN to their backend might not be for everybody

Did you also observed any other incompatibility problem?

No, just that it is not for everybody to pipe their data through a VPN to an external server.