Max load RAK831

Hi All

Just a Quick question, what was the max uplink messages you manage to get on a RAK831?

out of curiosity.

Thanks Q

your question is not clear, you talk about the size ? interval ? …

Generally speaking the capacity depends on how well the nodes do at randomly avoiding collisions of the form of trying to transmit on the same frequency at the same time. With eight available channels, you can in theory (and with a careful experiment in practice) receive eight packets at once. There’s also some ability to receive at different spreading factors on the same channel at the same time, but only where the signal levels do not differ by much.

There’s not much obviously unique about the RAK831 vs. other SX1257/SX1301 receivers. In theory there could be things like difference in phase noise and IMD that would effect adjacent channel interference, in practice there’s little information about which cards are “better” and this would mostly show up if you have a node “unreasonably” close to the gateway blanking other more distant ones on other frequencies.

To a first approximation, how many nodes you can handle depends on how often they transmit, and how rarely you downlink or ack to them, as doing that blanks out reception on all channels.