Maximum number of gateways and sensors supported

What is the number of maximum gateways and sensors supported if i use ChirpStack Network server ?

As many as you can scale your cluster to in order to support them.

I have more than 500 gateways and more than 40,000 devices.
Do you have experience working with so many devices?

Prior to leaving my previous employer, I helped run one of the (if not the) largest private LoRaWAN networks in North America. They wouldn’t appreciate me disclosing numbers, but it was a lot more than that, yes.


Sorry for bad English, I use an online translator.
Maybe I said something wrong.
Аre you aware of projects with so many devices on ChirpStack Network server.

Yes, I ran one.

But I cannot disclose specific numbers, sorry.

hi @bconway any possibility for you to guide on the architecture to scale up. I am in talks with customers who want city wide deployment so 1k+ gateways and 50k+ sensors. I am looking for any resources on how to architect this with chirpstack

I imagine there are a number of people qualified to consult on such a project, yes. :wink:

I wonder if the RF police have any stats on overall gateways and amount of transmissions in this space… I know y’all live in big places, but my word those gateway numbers are mind blowing considering how many gateways it would take to cover the planet (outdoor coverage) and these are just the handfull of peeps on here… I wonder how compliant to duty cycle all the networks are…

anyway @Aman_Agarwal … good luck with your project, Chirpstack is fantastic and you won’t look back. it is a good supportive community and all quite friendly.

… I will send myself back to my own corner of my small island now thanks…