Mender or Hawkbit?

Hey folks,

I see that the most recent releases of Gateway OS are based on Yocto Zeus which isn’t compatible with Mender.

I’ve also seen that the SWU solution via Hawkbit is being advocated from the installation docs.

Is Hawkbit now the “official” way of deploying updates to Chirpstack Gateway OS?

Hawkbit is not the “official” way, but SWUpdate can be integrated with Hwkbit :slight_smile:

The main reason behind the Mender to SWUpdate switch was the automatic patching that the Mender meta-layer is doing. This works well when all the versions are exactly aligned, but could break as soon there are differences. At the moment I was upgrading the GW OS to Yocto Zeus, Mender did not offer a Zeus compatible layer where SWUpdate did.

That’s good to know, thanks, I’ll have a bash at getting Hawkbit running :slight_smile: