MIC Error while Uplink recieved from Device

Hi All,

Currently we have developed around 10 to 12 messages as per our project requirement. From past 8 to 9 months things were working fine. Whatever we were developing we get tested it with Tektelic Gateway and Chirpstack Server.
root@ubuntudevimage:/home/devoati# /usr/bin/chirpstack-application-server version
root@ubuntudevimage:/home/devoati# /usr/bin/chirpstack-network-server version
But in the final stage of testing we are facing challenge of "Invalid MIC " type “Uplink_mic” but this error comes in some packets not in every packet. Please guide what can be the issue of this error. The packets that are giving error were working fine earlier.

Rohit Jindal

@brocaar Please guide, we are totally stuck.

Invalid MIC can be due to several facts…

What is the event name? for example: collision packet, etc

i have attaced the screen shot: Type as Uplink_mic

Try to disable Counter validation check in Device profile.

This check we have not enabled it yet

I have tried to enable that Check box for Disable Counter Validation but results are same. Please guide

time=“2022-10-25T05:06:30-05:00” level=error msg=“get device-session error” ctx_id=f29890eb-55dc-4ef6-bd29-120add23ce21 dev_eui=9a0bad5b3acd0d80 error=“object does not exist”
time=“2022-10-25T05:06:31-05:00” level=error msg=“get device-session error” ctx_id=37d23bb4-49c0-466c-987f-7d43f7adca90 dev_eui=9a0bad5b3acd0d80 error=“object does not exist”
time=“2022-10-25T05:06:32-05:00” level=error msg=“get device-session error” ctx_id=4a308ce1-f66e-45ef-aca9-5cd112537cc8 dev_eui=9a0bad5b3acd0d80 error=“object does not exist”

This is not the same dev_eui which has the UPLINK_MIC error.

I think your logs just show some devices which you do not have configured within your chirpstack. But this has maybe nothing to do with the UPLINK_MIC error.