: MICFailed error. i dont have appkey

Hello people,
i hope someone can pull me out of this mess.
I have setup the complete chripstack network successfully.
The gateway is showing as commected and active.
However, i have a abbeway smart badge for which ii dont have the “appkey”.
becauseo fthis, i am getting the following error upon join request
“”‘join-server returned error: response error, code: MICFailed, description: invalid mic""’

I dont know what to do…i am my wits end.
Please help…
IS there any way to override the appkey in the device itelf and how?


MIC errors seems to happen whilst AppKey do not match between server and device.

I could not understand why you dont have this key, but you should (or at least make up one).

For example I have been working with Dragino LSN-50v2-s31 nodes, and they have already set up all keys needed for ABP or OTAA. However, also been working with some Microchip RN2903 node sensors and, as far as they do not come with keys (neither printed on the top of bundle or wrapper), I had to make up keys needed for ABP (invented them), only being aware of using such a random one not to match any other device’s key nearby.

As a conclusion, if ABP is going to be the authentication method in your network, you should have this keys set by manufacturer. Or make some up in case nodes do not have keys associated with.

As mentioned, you should have the application key provided by the manufacturer. It should be included in the packaging, or sometimes as a sticker outside (ugh) or inside (a little bit less ugh) the device.

Depending on the device, it’s usually possible to write a new app key into the flash/firmware, but it may not always be easy, and is almost never needed for consumer applications.

"I could not understand why you dont have this key, but you should (or at least make up one)"
I have tried using teraterm but it is giving any options related to appkey…
How would you go about making one up, i think it will have to be programmed into the device itself…CAn you tell me how i can achieve this?
Thanks so much for prompt reply.!

Appreciate your response.
Can you tell me how to overwrite the appkey into the device. Whats the best tool, commands etc??

UPDATE: i got the appkey and now it has joined successfully…
Howver, after joinaccept, it still says “unconfirmeddataUP”

and importantly, i see the gps coordinates of the gateway in the api end points as well as data frames, but i dont see the corordintaes for the device .

MY end goal is to develop a custom dashboard that will show realtime movement od trackers/ end devces on a map.

How can i access the realtime movement of end device?

Congratulations, it sounds like the device is working correctly and communicating with ChirpStack. You will want to refer to he manufacturer documentation at this point to see what data is in the uplink payload and how you can use it.