Migrate DB to new serwer


I need megirate Data Base old serwer named: loraserver_as and loraserver_ns to new machine.
But I have problem with restore old DB do new called chirpstack_as nad ns.
has the table structure changed ?
PgAdmin report incompatibility of the data base structure

Any Idea


Have you seen Step by step CS databases backup and restore?

Thank you, I exported according to the instructions,
I edited according to the diagram.
loraserver_as -> chirpstack_as
loraserver_as_events -> chirpstack_as_events
loraserver_ns -> chirpstack_ns

And I imported to the new server.

my devices are not connecting to the new server.
Can you look for a problem in authorization, or is there any inconsistency in the database code?

Ok I sse what is going on,
after changing the server, each node must be restarted to be authorized again.

is it possible to send a remote instruction from the server to nodes to restart?
I have about 500 nodes :frowning:
Manulay it’t werry hard to do

Do your nodes rejoin if they fail a (or multiple) confirmed uplink?

You need to take the Redis-data also with you if you are changing environments.

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