Migrate devices to another server

Hello everyone,

I would like to migrate all devices from one Chirpstack server to another transparently and without having to reactivate the migrated devices to the new server. Is there a procedure to do this, via the API or by retrieving the data relating to the devices in certain tables of the “application” database of Chirpstack?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hello @Antonin,

I believe you can do this simply just by making a synchronization between the databases involved. (AS and NS databases)

Note: The Navicat tool helps a lot in this part of the process.

Thank you @douglaszuqueto for your answer, in fact I would like to migrate my devices without deleting those already present on the new server, this must be possible with database synchronization.

Exactly, synchronize database data only.

@brocaar Is there a tool integrated into Chirpstack to do this or should we proceed like this? Thank you very much

You could use the API to re-crease the devices in the new server, then the Activate API method can be used to activate these devices with their session-keys. Please note that this also works for OTAA devices :slight_smile:

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