Migrating Sctive Sessions from Multitech Conduit AEP

Hi All,

i am trying to migrate active OTAA sessions from a Multitech AEP Model.
The Device Profile is set to 1.0.2.
I extracted the SQLite Database from the Multitech and tried to integrate the sessions via the Chirpstack API.
Unfortunatly i get a MIC Error when the deivce sends data.
I assume, that the NwkSKey is needed by Chirpstack. In my Case the NwSKey is 000000000000000
Has anyone tried that before me?

This is a picture of the SQLLite export.

This is the Picture after the import:

Multitech told me which keys are the correct ones. Still i am getting a MIC Error.
How ist it possible to get a mic error if Framelink Counter is disabled and the keys and the MAC Version are correct. What else i have to set?

My assumption is that:

  • app_senc_key → Application session key
  • fnwk_sint_key → Network session key