Migration v3 to v4 problems

Sorry if this doesn’t have all required information, I am not an experienced Linux user.

I tried the migration tool to upgrade from v3 to v4, but run into problems.

Chirpstack is running on a Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS installation running on a VPS. v3 works without any problems.

Old versions:

chirpstack-network-server is already the newest version (3.16.3).
chirpstack-gateway-bridge is already the newest version (3.14.2).
chirpstack-application-server is already the newest version (3.17.7).

After installation of Chirpstack v4 and running the migration tool, I can see all devices and gateways in the console. But no packet from my gateways is reaching the server. The migration guide is a little bit vague what to do with the existing installations of the Network Server v3 and Application Server v3.
Should they be uninstalled?
Are there any manual changes in the .toml files required? I checked the ip addresses and ports in the chirpstack.toml and it seems to be all ok.

Running journalctl doesn’t show any critical errors on any of chirpstack, network or application server.

Ok, I missed a step,changing the MQTT topic

Can someone help me (Linux Dummy) how to run multiple instances of the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge on a single Ubuntu machine?

The goal is to support multiple regions with one Chirpstack installation.

Hi, You don’t need to run multiple Gateway Bridges…

Look here: Help testing ChirpStack v4 (test releases)! - #34 by brocaar

I do however have some questions regarding the migration tool if I may?

Assume you are running cs in Docker?

  1. Where do you install the application? On the same vm where you have CS4 running?
  2. How do you handle permissions if the V3 is on another box?
  3. I have no real experience in GO, so once you have actually configured the file, what command do you run to start the migration?
  4. Does the config file support FQDN or does it need to be an IP address?
  5. I don’t suppose you have a full config file that you used in order to run the migration?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide…

Thanks for the link, I will read through it.

Chirpstack V4 is now running. I have direct installation, no Docker.
But I do not understand how to run multiple instances of of the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge on the same machine.

you don’t need to run multiple gateway bridge’s for different regions…

According to this architecture I need to run multiple gateway bridges, one for each region:

The only way around is to run the gateway bridges on the gateways itself, but I don’t think my gateways support that.

I think it might be better to start a separate topic for this, e.g. “Running multiple ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instances simultaneously”.

  1. It doesn’t matter, as long as it can connect to the databases using the configuration files. In case your chirpstack-application-server.toml (and network-server.toml) contain localhost, you might want to make a copy of these files and update the hostnames.
  2. Again, the important thing is that the migration utility has access to the databases as listed in the config files. This might need some updates if you need to change the hostnames.
  3. No need to know anything about Go, you can download binaries here: Release v4.0.0-test.2 · chirpstack/chirpstack-v3-to-v4 · GitHub. The readme contains an usage-example: https://github.com/chirpstack/chirpstack-v3-to-v4/blob/master/README.md.
  4. Hostname or IP doesn’t matter, for config options, as long as it is resolvable.
  5. If you have ChirpStack Network Server, ChirpStack Application Server and ChirpStack v4 already up-and-running, then you already have these config files :slight_smile: Please see the above usage-example link.

:+1: Will open a new topic for it.

Here is a document explaining major changes during migration, and how to check everything ended up in the correct way.


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