Mikrotik LR and Dynamic IP Address (behind pre-configured hostname)

Is anyone experiencing any issues with a Mikrotik dropping connection to Chirpstack on IP address change of the Chirpstack instance?

I use DDNS to route the hostname to a dynamic IP address. I have configured the Gateway to connect to the hostname (not IP)

I connect (from the remote site) over sim card

Every time the IP address is updated on the Chirpstack instance, the Gateway disappears. Sometimes if I de-activate the sim and then re-activate it, the gateway will come back on line… but sometimes (like where I am now) this does not bring the gateway back online…

Anyone else experiencing anything similar with these?

Is this with the Semtech Packet Forwarder (thus UDP)?

My assumption is that the GW resolves the hostname only once, and then keeps forwarding to the resolved IP.

Thanks Orne,

I have a ticket open with them, so will wait and see. I have in the interim, got around the issue by setup up a cron to reboot the device at midnight so at worst will only be down for a day if this happens again as the hostname should resolve on reboot…hopefully… :slight_smile: