Mikrotik wAP Lora9

Hi, I am testing the server with wAP Lora9 but dont work find… the server get the information from device but dont show none on application deveui

I tested the GW with TTN and all work fine


MTik L9 is the version with 902-928 MHz. I run the Version LR8 with european frequency.
Works excellent.
On the MTik GUI like Winbox you see arriving LoRaWan frames?
You checked the TCP/IP connection to the chirpstack network server?
You checked your chirpstack infrastructure with another LoRaWAN gateway?

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Reply to PM from Victor_Sistemas:

Config for Mikrotik:

/lora servers
add address=<ip or domain> down-port=1700 name=<myname> up-port=1700
set 0 disabled=no forward=crc-valid gateway-id=<yourid> name=<name> servers=<myname>

Config for chirpstack gateway bridge:

udp_bind = “”

its no rocket science. On the Mtik you configure the ip of your chirpstack gateway server. Then you bind this server to the lorawan interface.
Do you have a working ip connection to the chirpstack server? Can you ping your server? Can the server ping the Mtik?
If the Mtik is in default config firewall rules are okay. All outgoing traffic allowed. If something is blocked you can check it in the log.

It works, thank you for your response, the problem was the type and the udp_bind.
sorry for be so late

thank you