Milesite UG67/UG87 with CS4

Hi folks,
I’m hoping I’m missing some critical piece of info here.

Having spun up a CS4 server to test against with a view to migrating our network across to V4… we’ve run into a fairly significant issue with our first two gateways. Namely Milesite say to use Semtech Packet forward mode over UDP. Yuck! Ok it works - but…

Has anyone built a V4 GatewayBridge for these gateways ? Has anyone even seen a toolchain for them ?

Has anyone managed to somehow create a functional NULL region config ?
There is no facility on the UGxx gateways that, I can see, that allows one to specify the MQTT prefix.
I expect too there are other back-end differences between GWB V3 and V4 ???


What about using BasicStation packet forwarder? This is Semtech’s new packet forwarder and will work with any recent LNS.

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@sp193 thanks for the suggestion I’ll look into that and report back