Missing device session keys when doing chirpstack migrate-device-sessions-to-postgres

Hi all,
I have just upgraded my ChirpStack from v4.3 to v4.7.
I ran chirpstack -c /etc/chirpstack migrate-device-sessions-to-postgres.
It looks fine. However, it seems unable to get the infor from Redis?

However my device session keys still missing for current running devices.

My Posgres and Redis are external servers.

New joined or rebooted devices work fine.
Any advices are appreciated.

The gateway can still receive data from devices.
However, I guess the session keys are missing so the data is not displayed in Devices.

I’m able to fix the issue.
I need to put back the key_prefix for redis to the new chirpstack.toml

Then the import looks OK.

My session keys are back.

BTW, the upgrade should “merge” my changes to new toml.
For now, it is either use new toml or current toml. No merge.

Thanks a lot.
Hope it helps.

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