Mixing different chirpstack (minor) versions

I an wondering if mixing different chirpstack network server, gateway bridge and application server is going to lead to problems. I am running chirpstack network server 3.9 and application server 3.10 (already mismatching versions) in cloud instances. But I see especially the newer options in the network server for tuning the ADR messages that were introduced in 3.12 that are interesting. Is it possible to only update the network server to the latest version but keep the application server? In the change logs I did’t see anything about backwards compatibility, so I would assume its fine? Since I have them running in separate vm’s, I’d prefer to only update one of them at a time, evaluate if everything is operating normally, and then later potentially update the next one. Or will this lead into issues?

I don’t know myself and only found your question because I’m looking for an answer to a similar question.

One thing I will recommend is take a full backup of your DBs before upgrading! I don’t have the exact details to hand, but I know some versions make schema changes to the postgres that are a pain, if not impossible, to rewind. I don’t think these changes occur only between major versions either.