MLME Confirm: Tx timeout

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I got Below error while debugging code of feature/5.0.0 branch for LoRaWAN v1.1

###### ===== MLME-Confirm ==== ######
STATUS      : Tx timeout

Board Configuration

"BOARD": "NucleoL152",
"CLASS": "classA"

Please help me…


Your firmware has concluded that further transmission would not be legal until more time has passed.

First you should research the regulation it is intended to achieve compliance with. Then consider if the limit is being correctly applied.

It may be that your intended usage (at least on this band in this jurisdiction) is not supportable. Or it may be that doing so requires more careful strategy over the length and interval of messages.

Your question is also a bit tangential here, as it is about the behavior of your node, not the behavior of a LoRaServer-based network.

Thanks @cstratton

i know it’s behavior of my node. but our board-config.h board configuration is well.

in our case Application Layer send packet on sx1276 but sx1276 not transmit packet Over the Air.

can you please help me…

Again, that is because your firmware has decided that it has already transmitted as much as legally allowed to, and will have to wait some time before transmitting any more.

In our case first device boot up it will send join request to NS it’s getting TX Timeout while sending join request

Thank you


TX Timeout issue was solved
just change SPI_2 instead of SPI_1 in board.c file


Thank you

hello friends i am using lorawan i cube library and github library development branch but both have issue in i cube not sending the data (by using the class A and ABP methode ) . developments branch code have tx timout and mcp busy is showing