Modifying the default ADR algorithm and adding your own ADR algorithm

Dear community,
I have installed chirpstack server on my PC. I am aware that by default an ADR algorithm is provided. My question is if I want to modify the ADR algorithm, how to do that. Also, kindly let me know the steps I need to follow to use my own ADR algorithm in the network server. I went through several articles and got some hints but I need more information about it in detail.

You will find a skeleton here:

You need to compile that (using the Go toolchain) and configure the path the the binary in the ChirpStack Network Server configuration :slight_smile:


I have done that already and added the absolute path of the binary in adr_plugin section of chirpstack_network_server.toml file. But in the device profile section of the application server web interface, I am only able to select the default adr. Why there is no option to select my custom adr?

Hey brocaar,
Can you suggest me what might went wrong. I really need this to happen. I appreciate if you help.

Did you restart the NS? You need to in order to apply new configuration.