Monitor Gateways

I want to monitor all gateways if they are connected. Like if there was an connection in last hour. We have currently around 60 GW active and we will probably have more then 100 at the end. Thereby I want to be informed when a gateway is not working instead that I have to check it by myself. I want to use Node-Red and I am curious if this is possible and if there is already an howto available.

I recommend to look into the Prometheus metrics option that the LoRa Gateway Bridge provides, see also for more info.

Hi Brocaar, thanks for your response. I have still the same issue with an other monitoring tool and that is to know if the gateway is working. We are deploying more than 100 GW’s and I need to automate the check if they are working and not only if I can do a ping. The best way I think is to check if “last seen” is resent in the lora server.

For the The Things Network there is info available on (the last part is the GW name). I have managed to created a Node Red flow to email a list from our offline TTN GW’s but would like to have one for the ChirpStack.

But have you looked into the Prometheus metrics that are provided by the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge? You can easily integrate Prometheus with Grafana and setup alerting based on configured queries within Grafana. You could also integrate Grafana with the ChirpStack Application Server database and add alerting based on the last seen.

I’d like to know if I must configure the gateway bridge, the network server and the app server for Prometheus or the gateway bridge is sufficient and how can I test it ?
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